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shakeAt GI Enterprises Inc., our goal is simple: we exist to provide our investment property owner clients with the types of management solutions they need to help their properties operate as smoothly as possible. We’re more than prepared to pull out all the stops to not only increase the desirability of your home in the marketplace, but to enhance its overall investment value and grow your ROI at the exact same time. Over the last several years, property owners in the area have come to understand that they can depend on us. Whether your property is an apartment, a single family home, a commercial development or something decidedly in between, GI Enterprises Inc. is here to help make sure that your investment is well managed and is in the best possible position to not only attract the high quality tenants that you’re after, but to retain them for as long as possible. We understand that this is your primary goal and, rest assured – it’s ours, too.